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Peter Montalvo

Investment Advisor and Income Tax Consultant


Products and Services

Our wealth management financial advisors are trained to deploy a combination of products and services designed to maximize your wealth and help provide financial security.

Estate Planning

Managed Asset Programs

Mutual Funds

Variable Annuities


    Long Term Care

    Fixed Annuities

    Life Real Estate


Fixed Income Strategies

Tax Free Municipal Bonds

Corporate Bonds

Financial Planning

Interested in achieving your financial goals? The financial advisors at Montalvo Tax are here to help you.

Through the advisors, you have access to a wide range of products and services including individual securities, insurance, and mortgages.

Need more help reducing your tax burden through efficient investing? Do you want a relationship with a financial advisor who can address your tax and financial needs?

Tax Preparation

Four Reasons Why You Should Depend on Montalvo Tax:



In order to do the best job possible for you and your family, we work hard to get to know your very personal needs, forming a deep understanding of your short and long-term goals. Every family goes through life cycle events like new children, college and retirement - use our expertise to develop better ways to support your family's needs now and in the future. Montalvo Tax investment strategies can help your family year after year. Shouldn't you work with people you trust?



At Montalvo Tax, you'll always find a friendly face, in an office that is open year round. We do this because you never know when a decision you make will affect your taxes. Simple year round issues like childcare, education and investments all have serious tax implications. This availability gives you the advantage of having a tax and financial consultant anytime you need it. Don't you deserve an answer when you need one?



With Montalvo Tax we don't just prepare your taxes, we plan them. At Montalvo Tax, you are dealing with a professional tax planner who has a great deal of knowledge about today's tax codes and regulations. By planning your taxes you can minimize your paycheck withholdings and increase your tax deductions and credits. We can help you save the most money possible so that you'll keep more of your hard earned money, year after year. Why pay more than you have to?



Simple tax preparation does not focus on important topics like tax efficiencies, which when properly introduced into your tax and investment strategy can potentially mean hundreds and even thousands of dollars to you each year. Our professionals will help you utilize investments whose activity is relatively stable and less vulnerable to taxes. Or we'll help you put away money for your retirement that will almost pay for itself in tax savings. Our ideas are endless and so are our efficiencies. Why settle for less?


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